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Let everyone know about our scholarship opportunities. Students from across Kansas City are our recipients.  STEM and HBCU scholarships are newly available scholarship opportunities. Scholarship applications are available in March of each year and a reception is held in May to recognize our awardees.


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The Ivy Foundation will host fundraisers through out the year in preparation for its annual scholarship awards. Fundraiser support along with donations are a key source of funds.  Our Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization therefore, almost all of funding goes directly to our scholarship and community service initiatives.

giving tuesday

 #GivingTuesday will be held November 30, 2021.

Do your part to help support the ivy foundation and its programs by making a contribution.

Visit the foundation facebook page to make a contribution:

popcorn sale for scholarshipS visit

The Ivy Community Service & Education Foundation launched it's first virtual fundraiser October 14, 2021 9:35pm tonight and it ends on Monday at 9:35pm.  All are welcome to buy popcorn or setup their own store to sell and participate in the contest. A link will be sent out after the fundraiser is launched tonight. If you have any questions please contact Shirley Brown.


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