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Candidate Application

The applicant must answer all the questions on this application including uploading a photo of themselves and submit it by

May 9, 2024 to be considered

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Authorization of Records

The applicant’s parent or guardian must complete and sign the Release Form for the release of records of the school’s Official Transcript of the applicant by May 9, 2024

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Counselor Report


Please complete this form and submit it via JotForm or return it in the stamped, addressed envelope that has been provided by the applicant for your convenience by May 9, 2024 Please attach an Official Transcript of the applicant which should include five semesters of completed work. (If necessary, attach the last grade card report.)

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Sponsoring Soror Report

Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha please complete this form and submit it through JotForm by May 9, 2024

These forms must be submitted by May 9, 2024, to be considered. 

Questions can be directed to:

Ms. Dominique Campbell Co-Chairman

 Screening and Awards
Phone: 913-235-2180

2024 Debutante Ball
Candidate Application

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